Mayo Automatic Hydraulic Scraper

The Mayo Automatic Hydraulic Scraper - Grants Available Now!!

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The Mayo Automatic Hydraulic Scraper is assuredly the most cow friendly & reliable system on the market. Our system design has evolved over the past 3 decades to incorporate the innumerable hours we have spent observing the cow in her environment. We have taken our learnings from those observations and added what we have learned by listening to farmer's real requirements. This research, together with our manufacturing and innovation expertise, has allowed us to develop the Mayo Automatic Hydraulic Scraper System into what it is today: Automatic Hydraulic Scraper Mayo Farm Systems Mayo Scraper

The number one choice for any farm from a cow safety, robustness, reliability & value for money perspective nationwide. 

Why the Mayo Automatic Hydraulic Scraper? Mayo Scraper

  • The most cow friendly system on the market for a stress free productive herd
  • Fully operational in all weather conditions (including dry cold frost)
  • Designed by farmers for farmers 
  • Easy to operate but high tech! 
  • 1 control box for 6 passage independent operation 
  • Little or no pre-installation
  • A 5 year warranty on all track & scrapers
  • The benefit of Mayo's unparalleled manufacturer's insight into your cow's welfare

Easy on the cow, tough on the job!!


Any farmer will tell you that their scraper system needs to be reliable as a priority. The Mayo system is all about reliability. 95+% of calls fielded are rectified over the phone by one of our technicians. This service is available 365 days a year. That said, we pride ourselves on reaching a break-down that needs a Mayo technician within 24 hours. Examples of Mayo System functionality/reliability elements include: Automatic Hydraulic Scraper Mayo Farm Systems Mayo Scraper

  • Simple, user friendly controls
  • 1 control box for 6 passage operation
  • Each passage is fully independent in sequence
  • Times and frequency are easily changed with the push of a button
  • Will scrape no matter the weather condition!
  • Double folded track for increased strength
  • 365 days a year over the phone assistance (95+% of all scraper queries rectified over the phone!)
  • We will reach a break-down within 24 hours

Super Safe – For your Cow’s Welfare, it has to be Mayo SCRAPER SYSTEM ROBUST SCRAPER SYSTEM LONGEVITY

Our system is designed around your cow’s welfare as our main priority. Key cow welfare features in the Mayo System include:

  • Smooth, fully-rounded low-profile track making this the most cow convenient & safe on the market today
  • No raised notches eliminating planted hoof damage
  • Innovative Mayo design mechanical ‘cow down’ technology
  • Easy on the Cow, tough on the job!

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Watch our video:

Watch our video:

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