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Here at Mayo Farm Systems, we have been fitting our trusted Mayo products for almost 30 years. Our unique Mayo formulation ensures that Mayo mats are hands down the best product on the market, providing a cost effective solution for supreme comfort, hygiene and durability while also being lightweight. We love to hear from our customers and how the product has served in different environments. Here are honest reviews, from real customers, for Mayo products.

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"We have been using Mayo mats for over five years now. They are in stables that are used 24/7 and we use a small amount of bedding - straw/shavings and paper. They are very light weight and easy to move to clean under. We even take them with us when we go to away shows as they fit easily in to the horse box making it home from home for the horses! Very easy to brush, a quick flick of the brush and they are clean. Would highly recommend anyone to use these mats. Our horses /ponies range from 11 hands to 17.2."
"Delighted with my mats. The swollen hock has gone down and the bed is drier but with significantly less straw. We’re probably using more straw than we need to. Quite straightforward to fit."
Mayo Horse Comfort
Kate Hargreaves
Livery Stable
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service. We bought the Mayo Mattress off you last week and it is amazing; Tom loves it anyway! He must of had a good nights sleep as we competed at the Warrington Horse Show today and did really well.
Mayo Mattress Stable Mat Review
Joanne Lyon
Horse Tom

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