Cash Savings Made With a Mayo Mattress

It’s no secret that horses are an expensive hobby. In fact, kiss goodbye to your cash because any spare money you have, you’ll find something horsey to spend it on!

Now, if you were told you can give your horse superior comfort, cut mucking out time AND save money… would you believe it!?

How to save on loose bedding costs

Depending on how messy your horse is, how often they are mucked out, and the size of the bed will vary for each person. Below is a conservative example of the yearly spend on straw with a rubber mat. Against this, we have estimated the average spend on straw while using a Mayo Mattress. That is a whopping £6,392 10 year saving (£58.37 a month) AFTER the initial outlay of your Mayo Mattress (6 mats for a standard 12’x12′ stable). We estimated that around £19.25* a week is spent on straw when using rubber mats and £5.78 a week with a Mayo Mattress.

Your Mayo Mattress is paid for within the first year of purchase.

savings made with a mayo mattress

Why do you use less loose bedding?

The Mayo Mattress is made from an extremely durable closed cell foam. During the production process it is aerated which gives the mat it’s lovely plush cushioning. This provides the warmth and softness needed in a horse bed. So the only loose bedding required is enough to absorb any moisture from mess made by the horse. Not only are you saving money but you’re saving precious time with quicker mucking out!

How is it different to other EVA mats?

Other EVA mats on the market are not 100% EVA and contain cheap fillers – Mayo has absolutely no fillers! While other mats may perform initially, you may find they rip, curl, expand and become slippery over time. A Mayo Mattress won’t do this, it’s extremely durable and non absorbent; so it can’t harbour any bacteria or soak up any mess that causes smells.

We expect your Mayo Mattress to last much longer than 10 years. Why have we only shown savings over a 10 year period? This is the length we guarantee the product for. If you have any issues with your mats in this period when they are used as advised, we will replace them.

So, in short, while it may appear to be a more costly option at first glance, the Mayo Mattress in an investment and will save you money over time. Take a look at all the benefits and full specification of the Mayo Mattress.

*Straw usage varies from horse to owner preference. Estimated guide using the online price of Equinox straw as of November 2018.