Slurry & Digestate Lagoons

Foil Lagoons

Our Foil Lagoons are a closed system with the opportunity to store slurry, polluted water, purified water, sludge, etc. This basin can be realised with or without a floating cover. To get a homogeneous liquid after a period of storage we can offer different systems to mix the contents of the foil basin.


The foil Lagoons are an excavated pit in the ground and the dykes are built of the soil left from the excavation. The depth of the pit depends on the groundwater level at the building location. Foil Lagoons are made-to-measure and will be to your wishes and demands. In this way a Foil Lagoon can be realised almost everywhere. The bottom foil will be made of Nicoflex 800 HSPO (High Strength Polyolefin), with a polyester reinforcement weight 970gr./m2 and the material used for the floating cover will be Nicoflex 1000 HSPO, weight 1130 gr./m2. Nicoflex is a low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) foil reinforced with a polyester net. This gives our foils the unique characteristics of being very strong, very UV-resistant and very flexible, even at -40°C. In consultation with the customer the Foil Lagoons can also be assembled with other kinds of foil like PVC or EPDM. The discharge- and feed station will be produced with high quality materials.

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