Mayo Anti Slip Mat

The Mayo Anti-Slip Mats have a unique surface design and are soft enough to allow animals to sink slightly into it giving tremendous traction and therefore confidence to the animal. This raised circular pattern is on both sides making them reversible.

The mats are roughly 24mm deep x 1.73m long x 1.22m wide.

They are soft enough to allow animals to sink into the surface slightly which gives tremendous traction & therefore confidence to the animal.

They need to be fixed down on a parlour floor using heavy duty thunder bolts.

Mayo Anti Slip

Benefits of the Mayo Anti-Slip Mat:

  • Unique anti-slip surface design
  • All the Mayo comfort, durability & longevity properties
  • Tremendous traction therefore complete confidence for animals walking on it
  • Increased confidence in the milking environment will increase throughput
  • Other areas the mats can be used include ramps, steps & collecting areas


Q: Do they get slippy with age?

A: No. Because they are permanently soft, the cows will always get traction.


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