The Mayo Performance Guarantee

Your bedding system is not just an initial outlay. It is an investment that, if made well, will generate a return as your cow’s comfort and general welfare will be greatly impacted by its performance over the course of its life. This in turn will directly impact on your herd’s productivity.

The majority of systems will perform quite well for the first couple of years before they start going hard / forming hollows / going brittle / ripping etc.

This is why we at Mayo are guaranteeing the performance of our bedding system – not just its visible existence in the cubicle at the end of the guarantee term.

  • Our system will never go hard. It physically can’t.
  • It will never lose its multiple independent study, market-leading rating for hygiene as it will never become absorbent and therefore harbour bacteria.
  • It cannot go brittle so it will never become an abrasive surface.

Demonstrative Graphic of Potential Bedding Performance:

The Mayo Mattress performance we No quibble guarantee for 10 years*

The Mayo Mattress has a DESIGN LIFE of 20+ years in appropriate conditions

The Mayo Original System performance we no quibble guarantee for 15 years*

The Mayo Original has a DESIGN LIFE of 25+ years in appropriate conditions

* Conditions for Guarantee:

  1. The beds must be fitted on uniformly sloped, smooth, hard concrete with a minimum 3″ depth
  2. There must not be any flat section under the beds (most commonly found at the heel stone)
  3. The concrete must be in good condition
  4. The beds must be fitted according to our fitting instructions
  5. The recommended spacing at the heel stone and under the cubicle loops must be applied
  6. Loose bedding must not be allowed to build up under the bed (probable if not using joining strips)
  7. Guarantee term assumes normal usage of maximum 6 months housed and 6 months non-housed for the herd. A full-time housed herd’s system is no quibble guaranteed for 5 years.

Mayo Joining Strips & All Steel-Work Including Fixings, are Guaranteed for the Industry Standard 5 Years in a Slurry Environment.

We at Mayo are governed by a set of principles developed over 30 years and built completely around a cow’s welfare. Innumerable hours observing the behaviour of cows in a cubicle house environment have shown us that, without question or exception, the healthiest most productive cows are the most stress-free cows.