The Mayo Original

The Mayo Original mat is still the single most successful cubicle cushion ever made. It is roughly 24mm (1”) deep with a slightly textured surface & smooth underside.

Mayo Originals fitted in 1989 are still in full working order today.

  • Can Never collapse and go hard
  • Supremely comfortable
  • A continuous floor that will not rip, tear, dish or hollow using the Mayo Joining Strip (Click here for more info)
  • 10 year guarantee with 30+ year life expectancy
  • Extreme hygiene to help lower somatic cell count
  • Excellent insulation & shock absorbancy
  • 100% non-absorbant
  • Mayo formation EVA devoid of any inert fillers
  • A proven trusted name in Mayo – Quality Guaranteed
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Consider this:

  • Using just 2kgs less material in our mats would  make them 10% cheaper to produce, but they would spread and curl.
  • Using inferior bonding materials such as clay or rubber would make our mats 15% cheaper, but they would crack and tear.
  • Mayo Mats are your guarantee of comfort, hygiene and long-term peace of mind.

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Q: What is the difference between a mat and a mattress?

A: It depends on your definition . The true definition of a cow mattress is “a soft warm cushion for your cows to lie on when in the cubicle”. By that definition both the Mayo Mattress and the Mayo Original are cow mattresses with the main difference being that the Mayo Mattress is softer.

Q: Is the gap between the mats unhygienic?

A: No. The Mayo Mattress range is supplied at the correct width to ensure that the gap is ALWAYS underneath the cubicle division. The important area for hygiene is directly underneath the cow’s udder. In tests, the Mayo Mattress range was shown to be the most hygienic surface as it is 100% non-absorbent and can never become absorbent even as it ages. This is due to the unique structure of the product. Of course, fitting them with the Mayo Strip will cover this gap and alleviate all concern on this front.

Q: Do they compress and harden with time?

A: No. The air content of the Mayo Mattress range is permanent. It can never be released and the amount of material used during manufacture is graded to prevent the air cells collapsing. It can sometimes be observed that the back edge of a mat can get thinner. This is true as there is no material to support the cells. However, even one inch into the mat the product will be the same original thickness. This is normal and has no impact on the mat’s performance.