Mayo Husbandry

Mayo Drinkers

The Mayo Husbandry Equipment Range allows you to equip your shed, stable or unit with high-quality drinker, feed-barrier & crush systems to finish any project.

Drinkers-3Heavy duty small drinker

  • Ideal for cattle pens
  • Extremely robust double surround
  • Dimension 500 x 400 x 200mm deep
  • Complete with drainage outlet
  • Rapid refill

Wall mounted stainless steel

Contamination with manure and feed waste affect the smell and taste of the water. Drinkers need to be accessible from 3 sides and therefore ideally should not be placed in a corner.

Wall mounted galvanised tip-over

Different mounting systems are available including:

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Tip-over mounted


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