The Strongest Flexible Cubicle on the Market

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This is the Future of Cubicle Bed Comfort

Hybrid flex cubicle details

The Hybrid Flex Cubicle loop is bent 180 degrees at the end to provide the perfect blend of flexibility and structure. This gives the cow the forgiveness to move while staying in her cubicle bed.

Heavy-wall plastic pipe reduces bruising on the animal and allows for the animals movement when entering and leaving the bed.

The increased space for each cow increases the animals’ resting time, which leads to higher milk production.

The head rail gives each animal more space to stand, and also centres them in the cubicle bed.

The Hybrid Flex Cubicle uses the latest ‘easy fit’ design with many options including individual post, post and rail and retro fit options available

All clamps are heavy duty 5mm pressed steel. All bolts are hot dip galvanised and complete with lock nuts.

Multiple Options to Suit all Projects Available

Technical Information

Sizes Available:

6ft, 6ft 3in, 6ft 6in, 6ft 9in

Technical specifications

Cubicle Loop: 75mm x 12.5mm PPR Pipe

Cranked Neck Rail & Mid Rail & Straight Neck Rail: 48mm x 2.5mm CHS


  • 70mm X 70mm X 1500mm Square (Individual) 
  • 76mm Round X 1600mmm (Post & Rail)


Fitting Instructions

Recommended: Individual Post Mounting

Each loop is mounted directly on a box post. Head to Heads mount off the same post

You can go for a straight or cranked neck rail

The mid rail adds support to the structure as well as providing a deterent to walk-through without impacting the clear lunge space

Transport and installation are simplified as there are fewer long rails necessary.

The same mounting brackets are used for both single and double rows.

Post & Rail Mounting

(Option to retro fit the Hybrid Flex onto existing post and rail frame also available – get in touch for more info)

This mounting system uses fewer posts

The cubicle loop is mounted on two support rails, which are fixed to round posts every 2.5m-3m.

The rails allow the spacing of the cubicle to be adjusted easily and add stability to the cubicle


10 year warranty