Fitting the Mayo Mattress & Joining Strips

Fitting the Brisket Board

Mayo Mattress System - First Full Day Installed

Mayo Mattress System - Cows Second Night

The Mayo Mattress in Action

Clean, content and comfortable cows.

Mayo Anti Slip Matting

This video shows the confidence, traction & grip your cows have on Mayo Anti-Slip matting. Perfect for high traffic in the parlour it will improve throughput and cow safety.

Mayo Mattress & Hybrid Flex Cubicle

The Hybrid Flex Cubicle provides the perfect blend of flex and structure.

Hybrid Flex Cubicle

Here you can see the ease of the cow manoeuvring out of the cubicle.

EasySwing Cow Brush

It’s clear how much animals love the EasySwing Brush! You can see the three different sizing options available in action.

The Mayo Mattress & Super Space Cubicle

Clean, content comfortable cows and the Mayo super space cubicle with high neck rail

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