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Here at Mayo we offer a range of cow stall mats and have worldwide distributors available for supply and fitting. Here are some of our installations.


"They've moved into a 5-Star hotel - cows that would never lie in a cubicle now do. Everything is just better. I'm delighted with my Mayo experience, start to finish - and so are the cows! Top-drawer products and service" - Richard Threlfell

With the goal of putting up a new unit to house over 350 cows with 6 robots to reduce labour on this farm in Penrith, Cow Comfort was at the forefront of their considerations. 

An initial consultation on a green field site in November 2019 with one of our dairy experts and the results a little over a year later are astounding. Mayo Mattresses, Super Space Cubicles, Guillotine Gates, Drinkers & Feed Barriers installed with ample loafing space & access to food and water on their 6 new robots – 34% increase in yield, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Images progressing through the project


"Mayo are a very easy company to work with - from consultation through to delivery & install, the service was second to none. The Mayo Mattress is simple but highly effective, our cows are very comfortable & happy on them. We love the Hybrid Flex cubicles - they flex just enough, a game-changer I would say. Very impressed." - Paul Smith

A local project we are really proud of with Mayo Mattresses, The Hybrid Flex cubicle, Mayo Slat Matting and Drinkers.

After many years of dairy farming the Smith family wanted a system that would work around them as opposed to a labour-intensive setup. They have converted an existing building into the perfect robotic sanctuary.

Among the first in the country to install the new Hybrid Flex cubicle, it is so far so good in this unit as can be seen in the video! 

The Hybrid Flex cubicle provides the perfect blend of flex and structure. The steel structure preserves the guidance the cubicle is there to provide with the plastic loops affording the forgiveness in the structure that limits the impact cows can sustain manoeuvring in and out of the beds. This coupled with the Mayo Mattress results in the relaxed, healthy, happy looking herd you see here.


Images of the project


Having completed a full market analysis, this farmer felt the Mayo Mattress system offered the best return on investment so went ahead and installed the system in 2018. We revisited in 2020 and the farmer’s opinion has definitely not changed reporting a “significant difference in the cow comfort in the shed”.

A recent Farm Assurance inspection of the same unit returned the feedback that they were extremely pleased with the condition of the cows with particular reference being made to the lack of lesions present in the herd.

A glowing inspection, stress-free, superbly conditioned, comfortable cows and a very happy farmer.

Finished Images with the cows in


"We are milking less cows and receiving a higher yield!" - Robert Tilford

A deep litter conversion that the farmer described as “life changing”! 

An off-hand enquiry into the Mayo office about some new cubicles led to a complete transformation of this unit in Leicestershire.

Our no-obligation site assessment service allowed insight into the operation with the farmer citing lameness and the labour-intensive nature of managing the deep litter as elements he would like to address. His concern with any mattress system was the potential for a decrease in comfort in the bed.

We advised on a new layout with walls removed to increase the lunging area, beds resized using lower heel stones, and the replacement of the deep litter with the Mayo Mattress system resulted in a reduction in height of the bed ultimately reducing lameness in the shed.

The farmer has since reported that cows who never lay in the cubicles now do, labour has significantly decreased and the entire herd’s appreciation of their new Mayo beds is clear to see in their new reduced-stress environment – life changing are his words.

‘We are milking less cows and receiving the same yield’… The cows will always tell you, it has to be Mayo! 

Project Images Start to finish


A fantastic ongoing project that has shown incredible results for these girls with an increased milk yield.

Our Mayo expert highlighted that the original beds were lacking traction (huge stressor), the single beds were lacking lunge space, passageways slightly too narrow and the heel stones too high resulting in stressed, under-performing cows.

With Mayo advice walls were removed to create lunging space. The standard cantilever cubicle was installed with a 76mm bar so that no posts were required to be set into the concrete ensuring the lunge space was completely free. Cubicle construct re-work was performed with the cranked neck rail to give the height required in the bed. Alongside the Mayo Mattress system these changes have brought those stress levels right down and the milk yield growth is there to prove it.

The images shown are during the install and some weeks later while the girls were making their way to the milking parlour.

Finished Images with the cows in


On this farm, these big high yielding Holsteins are housed full time.

After the failure of various layered systems, leading to discomfort and hygiene problems, the farmer wanted a sound system to eradicate these issues.

The Mayo Mattress system was fit in 436 beds over 4 days. The Mayo fitting team worked alongside the farmers removing the failed layered system section by section and replacing with the Mayo Mattress. 

As you can see from the footage taken at the time of installation the mattresses were a huge success from the onset.

Finished Images with the cows in

Our Working Process



A Mayo expert will run through all aspects and detailing of your project to ensure we know all the details and requirements.



We will offer our expert advice for optimal cow comfort and welfare in your unit.



Mayo offer a full fitting service and are also on hand to guide through self installation with fitting guides and phone advice.



If you need any advice following your Mayo installation the team are always available.