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We are supremely confident in the quality of our Mayo Mattress system and offer a 10 year guarantee – not just on existence, but also on performance



Market leading on the trifecta: Comfort, Hygiene & Durability

How the Mayo Mattress stands out from other systems


Unrivalled Comfort

Unbeatable Hygiene


The Mayo Cow Mattress is the ONLY system completely devoid of rubber


10 Year Guarantee

Mayo is at the forefront of cubicle bed innovation

An install in a Robot building so these ladies got to go straight onto their new Mayo Mattresses as we continued to fit.

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We are supremely confident in the quality of our Mayo Mattress system and offer a 10 year guarantee

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Mayo Cow Comfort Mattress System


It depends on your definition . The true definition of a cow mattress is “a soft warm cushion for your cows to lie on when in the cubicle over a long period of time”. By that definition both the Mayo Mattress and the Mayo Original are cow mattresses with the main difference being that the Mayo Mattress is softer. Many associate the term ‘mattress’ with layers – this is simply a different installation method and nothing to do with the quality of the bed over the long run. 

When layers are added to a mattress system they create a space for bacteria to breed. Most top covers are made from rubber which is naturally hardening and perishing over time. When lifted, it is generally putrid under the top-cover as milk, effluent and slurry seeps down. If it goes down it will come back up again making it a much harder job to keep the beds clean. The Mayo system does not require a top-cover as it is made from a CLOSED CELL foam – it is completely impenetrable and a much better option than a top cover system for this reason. The closed floor benefit of a top-cover is achieved with our joining strips under the cubicle loop. Finally, the top-cover is the weakest part of a mattress system and will generally need to be replaced within 10 years. Not having one negates this reinvestment and associated diminished hygiene performance.

No. The Mayo Mattress range is supplied at the correct width to ensure that the gap is ALWAYS underneath the cow cubicle division. The important area for hygiene is directly underneath the cow’s udder. In tests, the Mayo Mattress range was shown to be the most hygienic surface as it is 100% non-absorbent and can never become absorbent even as it ages. This is due to the unique structure of the product. Of course, fitting them with the Mayo Strip will cover this gap and alleviate all concern on this front.

No. The air content of the Mayo Mattress range is permanent. It can never be released and the amount of material used during manufacture is graded to prevent the air cells collapsing. It can sometimes be observed that the back edge of a mat can get thinner. This is true as there is no material to support the cells. However, even one inch into the mat the product will be the same original thickness. This natural slope at the back of the bed is normal and has no impact on the mat’s performance as a bed. 

We are dairy farmers ourselves and believe in a fair not a fat margin. We are the only ones actually manufacturing cow mattresses and so we do not have numerous ‘middlemen’ needing a cut either. We are not a marketing company requiring large margin to keep the influencers, digital marketing and flashy show stands going. We believe in high quality, high service at a fair price. Our price in comparison to other systems is not reflective of our system’s performance relative to those systems – it is reflective of our different model for the reasons outlined above. 


Mayo Original and Cantilever Cubicle

The Mayo Original mat is still the single most successful cubicle cushion ever made.

Young Stock Mat

30+ years of proven performance

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