Cow Comfort in Cubicle Beds

What is needed for the ultimate cow comfort in a cubicle bed? There are 4 key elements outlined below for both cow comfort and a long lasting system.

Cow comfort in cubicle bed


The bed should absorb the shock that occurs when the cow ‘free falls’ during certain stages associated with achieving the lying position. The bed should be a good insulator and should be soft enough to entice the cow to lie down for optimum periods.


This element is generally under estimated. A good system will enable the cow to leave the space without difficulty. This is achieved by preserving her lunge space and providing a non-slip surface whether it is wet or dry. If the cow has any fear of being able to ‘escape’ from her lying space then she will only enter it as a last resort or not at all. On occasion a cow will get up and almost immediately lie down again when she is at pasture- just to change position. This behaviour will also occur under the correct conditions indoors and will contribute to leg and udder health, probably due to enhanced blood flow.


Hygiene is often solely associated with management, both in the cubicle house and in the parlour. In the cubicle house the herd’s overall health will be affected by the behaviour of the cows. They should circulate with a purpose and with as little hindrance as possible, thus keeping stress level to a minimum. The surface of the lying space should be comfortable, non-absorbent, free from dishing and easily cleaned. Surface little should cycle regularly.

Long Life

It is not enough for the bed to exist for a long period. It must continue to function and retain the qualities outlined above.

The Mayo Mattress sets the highest standards in cow welfare and hygiene. This is being seen by independent consultants in the UK that monitor dairy farms on behalf of the biggest processors.

Mattress Performance over time

It will never collapse or go hard, it will not deform and dish. It can never absorb.

Mayo have been designing and producing the best cow cubicle beds available for almost 30 years.