Mayo Horse Comfort
Stable Bed Range

Mayo stable mats are BEDS for your horse & a totally different product offering to anything else on the market. You can dramatically reduce the amount of loose bedding used, safely!

100% designed around the welfare of your horse – Mayo Mats will outlast and out-perform every rubber stable mat in every way.


The most premium stable mat in the range. Unrivaled in the equine market.


Durable comfort, life expectancy of. Perfect for large & high spirited horses. 

A simple measure for a cast horse. Available in a 6″ or 8″ depth.

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No need to fix down or seal your stable mats

Premium Quality

10 year guarantee

Luxurious Comfort

Designed for animal welfare

Hygienic & Easy Clean

100% non-absorbent


On loose bedding costs

Customer Reviews

"Very easy to brush, a quick flick of the brush and they are clean. Would highly recommend anyone to use these mats."
"Delighted with my mats. The swollen hock has gone down and the bed is drier but with significantly less straw. Quite straightforward to fit."