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Here at Mayo Farm Systems, we have been fitting our trusted Mayo products for almost 30 years. Our unique Mayo formulation ensures that Mayo Mats are hands down the best product on the market, providing a cost effective solution for supreme comfort, hygiene and durability while also being lightweight. We love to hear from our customers and how the product has served in different environments. Here are honest reviews, from real customers, for Mayo products.

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"I've had my mayo mats down for 11 years, they are as good as the day I bought them. Very much worth the investment. I also have 4 of the eco mats that I take away to shows and use at pony club camp etc. as they're light and easy to move. A long time happy customer from Leyland."
Mayo Mattress Review
Gill Badger
"So happy with the mats, I can highly recommend them and the staff at the company are so lovely and helpful. Best thing we have done, we have cut our bedding cost down so much and the horses love lying on them. They're really soft and warm as well - very easy to fit"
Mayo Stable Mattress
Michelle Etherington
"Had my Mayo Mats about 12yrs and they're still going of the best things I ever bought. My horse is 31 yrs old and the mats have moved 3 times with him and been re-fitted. Easily lifted, easy to clean- a one person job. Very comfortable for the horse, especially comfortable for the veteran. Love my Mayo Mats"
Mayo Mats Review
Carol Olver
"The Mayo Mattress is perfect for equine use. After wasting money on cheaper mats, I was unsure of what matting to go for, I called Mayo and their friendly informative staff invited me to their showroom to see their products. I chose the Mattress, it is as luxurious as it sounds, lightweight and easy to install. You don't actually need a lot of shavings/straw, if any, as the Mattress is so supportive. I certainly will be reducing the amount of shavings I use. Highly recommended for equine use."
Stable Mat Review
Lynne Grimmant
"Happy antique pony with his new Mayo Mattresses, reduced swelling in legs already and overall a happier pony. Not to forget - still delighted with the 20yr old mats too, loved by sheep, horses, dogs and chickens. Thank you."
Mayo Mattress Review
Sophie Church
"I am so impressed with my Mayo Mats! I own a 17hh fine TBxID so when buying mats his comfort was the main priority as he likes to lie down. The Mayo Mattress ticked all these boxes and Harry now sleeps like a baby on them. Even better, I don't have to use a deep bed of shavings anymore so Mayo Mats have allowed me to save lots of pennies! They are also incredibly lightweight, so are very easy to manoeuvre by yourself and they never smell and are easily washed clean! I would highly recommend Mayo Mats to everyone!"
Mayo Horse Comfort Review
Sarah Penney
"We have been using Mayo mats for over five years now. They are in stables that are used 24/7 and we use a small amount of bedding - straw/shavings and paper. They are very light weight and easy to move to clean under. We even take them with us when we go to away shows as they fit easily in to the horse box making it home from home for the horses! Very easy to brush, a quick flick of the brush and they are clean. Would highly recommend anyone to use these mats. Our horses /ponies range from 11 hands to 17.2."
"Love my new stable mats! The service I received was great- Kim helped me choose the best for myself and my retired boy. 6 Mayo Mattress mats delivered 2 days later, light & easy to move by myself. I cut them down to size using a Stanley knife, which was hard work but do-able. They're so thick, even my dogs have taken to sitting on them! Very happy :)"
Mayo Mattress Stable Mat
Sarah Grant
"Delighted with my mats. The swollen hock has gone down and the bed is drier but with significantly less straw. We’re probably using more straw than we need to. Quite straightforward to fit."
Horse Comfort Review Kate
Kate Hargreaves
Livery Stable
"I bought the Mayo Mattress after quite a bit of research and even though there were cheaper options I decided to splash out, I'm glad I did! I cut the mats myself to fit, my stable is not a great shape but they were easy enough to cut (just make sure you have a sharp knife). They look great down and have stayed put! My horse seems to be loving them too, he has been lying down more than before and it has been much easier to muck out just a small amount of shavings to soak up the wet and a quick sweep and they're all clean again. Extremely pleased and would recommend to anyone, the customer service is second to none, Kim who dealt with me was ever so helpful and answered all my questions."
Stable mat customer review
Sue Howes
"I have to tell you that they are absolutely brilliant... unfortunately they’re so good, I’d like 7 more. I love them"
Mayo Mattress Stable Mat
Sandra Ashworth
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service. We bought the Mayo Mattress off you last week and it is amazing; Tom loves it anyway! He must of had a good nights sleep as we competed at the Warrington Horse Show today and did really well."
Mayo Mattress Stable Mat Review
Joanne Lyon
Horse Tom
"I bought a set of 6 Mayo Mats 18 years ago. They are still as good as the day I got them and are used daily. I love them as they are lightweight compared to rubber mats and I can move them on my own. Even being lightweight they stay in place. We have many elderly horses here (30 yrs plus) and I never have to worry about them laying down as the mats are so thick and comfortable, even when their beds have gone thin in places overnight it isn't a problem. I have always found the company very helpful and very knowledgeable. I recommend Mayo mats always."
Mayo Horse Comfort
Tracy Keegan

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