Mayo Slat Mats

 The Mayo Slat Mat is a high grade high density EVA formulation ensuring its super strength & stability whilst at the same time maintaining a good degree softness & excellent thermal values – much greater than that of ordinary rubber.
  • A tough mat for a tough job 24/7
  • Anti-Slip design
  • Extreme durability while maintaining comfort & warmth
  • Finish cattle upto 6 weeks faster – significant saving in feed etc.
  • Reduction in incidents of lameness
  • A mat for all cattle to thrive on


Q: What holds them down?

A: Mayo Slat mats are generally held in place with a special bracket which drops into the slat slot & tightens down into the surface

Q: How do they compare to rubber slat mats?

A: They will outperform them in every way. The thermal value of EVA is much higher than rubber therefore the cattle thrive better on it & because it is not prone to degradation by “perishing” it will significantly outlast rubber.

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